Monday, November 30, 2009

its just not Publix

okay...maybe i am a store snob or something but why is it when I stop by any other grocery it Winn-Dixie, Sweetbay, or Wal-Mart Market..i have a horrible experience. The workers are just plain unfriendly and uneducated, my fellow shoppers the same. I cannot stand it - i would rather pay a premium for clean stores, clean carts, a smile at the checkout and no homeless people wandering the aisles. ugh -- and please dont get me started on the super Wal-Mart...I cannot even go in the store without heart palpitations! i guess as long as I live in Florida I will be a loyal Publix shopper!

Just another day...

this is what I have been telling myself the past few weeks --- it is just another day. Another day filled with my mail being stopped indefinetly because my ferocious border collie threatened my mail man by barking at him --- granted the Rocco was on a leash and in no way could have harmed the stupid mail man. Another day with a sick one year old with an unexplained fever over 102 --- poor dashy! Another day with a pile of laundry calling my name but with absolutely NO motivation to actually put it in the washer. Another day thinking that we need to move and sell our house and realize that we are going to lose soo much money but in the end I still think it would be worth it. Another day trying to figure out what I should do with my life --- seriously I am a 28 year old, law school graduate with an adorble little boy and I am still debating what I want to do with this thing I call my life --- I just wish someone would answer that question for me.

So this my new blog, b/c my old blog I stopped updating and totally don't even remember the email address I just to start it so, here is my new blog chronicling my journey attempting to figure out what to do and the events along that way!