Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas --- ahhh good, the bad, the makes me want to to just cry. so many people are coming to visit - there is so much stuff to clean and to hide, fake smiles and laughs, gifts packed in bags bc i am such a horrible wrapper, and of course wine, lots and lots of wine, (maybe some vodka too). seriously, i am not a holiday person, i know, bah humbug...whatever but i just don't get into the "spirit". there are too many people to please, to buy for, to hug...i hate hugging semi-strangers...just not for me. my inlaws came last night and my family come on Wednsday night...that is just too many clashing personalities, i mean like totally different realms, not on the same planet, let alone solar system kind of personality clash. i am stuck in the middle, thanking God that my dog has an unending supply of prozac..bc man i need it. wish me luck!! okay, that is all for now --- happy holidays!!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

My very first Not Me Monday.....

I would NEVER take my son to daycare and do nothing but lay around all afternoon ... just because we are paying for it doesn't mean we have to use it, right? and on that day that I didn't lay around, there was not laundry to be done or christmas stuff to organize because my house is always in total order.

I didn't actually feed my son pizza for dinner 5 nights in a row last week just because the pizza place had Buy 1, Get 1 Free Large Pizzas. To my credit, if I had fed him pizza every night, the pizza did have pineapple on it - so if he had eaten the pizza at least he was getting some fruit too.

I am not allowing my 14 month totally weaned son to go back to drinking multiple bottles a day, I mean one week with the flu would never totally throw my plan out the window. I would never allow a little toddler tantrum to win over logic and the doctors advice.

I would never make 6 trips to Target in 3 days - i mean there is no way that I would ever need to go that store so often but if I did make that many trips, I most certainly wouldn't switch between 2 different stores just in case the cashiers started to recognize me.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Fall Sunday Evening at the Park

Dash and his Swine Flu 2009


I am all for celebrity gossip and is like the 3rd site I check every morning but I am sick of this Tiger stuff already. We get it, he cheated. Why do we need press conferences, breaking news reports and hourly updates on the matter? He did not cheat on me or Meredith Viera or Whoppi Goldberg --- it is none of our business and enough is enough. This should be a matter between him and his wife and his family.....geez.

On other note, I changed my last name today - 3 1/2 years after we were married. Eek.....I feel weird and like a part of me isn't the same. I know it is just a name and I love my Husband and our family but the thought of signing a different name for the rest of my life freaks me out. I wasn't going to change my name but I wanted the same last name as my son and I could never get Brenton to agree that we all should take on a "new" last name --- Allirock was my suggestion (the names of our dogs combined). So tonight I am a new person --- now if i could only somehow get a new social security number and then my student loans would just disappear!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have been in a horrible negative mood for the past however long and so critical of everything but I need to get it out there that I know that I am lucky - there are so many positives in my life that not everyone gets to experience or have to live without. My husband is a "nice guy", i guess that is how someone might describe him. He never yells or screams or exhibits any signs of annoyance at my innate inability to pick up my clothes or finish an entire load of laundry. He works all day and comes home and does the laundry, empties the dishwasher, takes care of our crazy crazy dogs and all with a smile on his face. The other day he came home from work and Dash was alredy in bed - and he started walking into his room so i asked him what he was going to do, "I think I am going to wake him up, I just want to see him"....that statement made me love him a little bit more but there was NO way i was letting him wake up the very cranky baby. I know he would do anything for me and our son and probably the dogs too. I have a healthy adorable funny 14 month old baby - an unexpected blessing that has forever changed our lives for the better. We have a nice house in a nice neighborhood (even though at times the house is the bain of my existence). I can go to Target and buy whatever I want w/o having to make sure there is money in the checking account. There are so many other reasons that i am lucky except one very important reason is waking up from his nap right now and we have a date to meet Santa at the mall this afternoon!

Monday, November 30, 2009

its just not Publix

okay...maybe i am a store snob or something but why is it when I stop by any other grocery it Winn-Dixie, Sweetbay, or Wal-Mart Market..i have a horrible experience. The workers are just plain unfriendly and uneducated, my fellow shoppers the same. I cannot stand it - i would rather pay a premium for clean stores, clean carts, a smile at the checkout and no homeless people wandering the aisles. ugh -- and please dont get me started on the super Wal-Mart...I cannot even go in the store without heart palpitations! i guess as long as I live in Florida I will be a loyal Publix shopper!

Just another day...

this is what I have been telling myself the past few weeks --- it is just another day. Another day filled with my mail being stopped indefinetly because my ferocious border collie threatened my mail man by barking at him --- granted the Rocco was on a leash and in no way could have harmed the stupid mail man. Another day with a sick one year old with an unexplained fever over 102 --- poor dashy! Another day with a pile of laundry calling my name but with absolutely NO motivation to actually put it in the washer. Another day thinking that we need to move and sell our house and realize that we are going to lose soo much money but in the end I still think it would be worth it. Another day trying to figure out what I should do with my life --- seriously I am a 28 year old, law school graduate with an adorble little boy and I am still debating what I want to do with this thing I call my life --- I just wish someone would answer that question for me.

So this my new blog, b/c my old blog I stopped updating and totally don't even remember the email address I just to start it so, here is my new blog chronicling my journey attempting to figure out what to do and the events along that way!