Monday, December 21, 2009

christmas --- ahhh good, the bad, the makes me want to to just cry. so many people are coming to visit - there is so much stuff to clean and to hide, fake smiles and laughs, gifts packed in bags bc i am such a horrible wrapper, and of course wine, lots and lots of wine, (maybe some vodka too). seriously, i am not a holiday person, i know, bah humbug...whatever but i just don't get into the "spirit". there are too many people to please, to buy for, to hug...i hate hugging semi-strangers...just not for me. my inlaws came last night and my family come on Wednsday night...that is just too many clashing personalities, i mean like totally different realms, not on the same planet, let alone solar system kind of personality clash. i am stuck in the middle, thanking God that my dog has an unending supply of prozac..bc man i need it. wish me luck!! okay, that is all for now --- happy holidays!!

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