Thursday, November 8, 2012


wow. i haven't posted in forever. so much has happened since May! We moved to a new house an hour away from all of our friends but are adjusting. Mack turned 2 and is just as wild and crazy as ever. We are having our 3rd baby boy early this spring. this house has been crazy lately and I am trying to harness some of the craziness in before I either end up on bedrest or have a brand new baby added to the mix! but i feel like rambling about something little mr. max. He is 2. He thinks he is 5 maybe 6. He is very determined in everything that he does. He does not stop - not to eat, not to nap, not even for timeout (which i think he uses as time to think up even worse ways to drive me crazy!!). I don't think he is the typical 2 year old but at the same time besides his energy and curiosity there really isn't anything that atypical about him. but i know people judge him and me. i have seen their glances and heard their smirks and remarks. I just want to yell...."He's 2, he's smart and he is just trying to figure this busy world out". I do punish him - maybe not for every little thing he does that some people would consider "bad" or "wrong" - i am not creating a robot. he is a person and probably going to be a very smart person and i want to give him the freedom to figure it out and to become whatever little man he is destined to be. that being said - he drives me bat shit crazy. he takes everything apart. the insides of the toilet, dvd players, somehow he removed part of the couch this week. he climbs everything - because he can't wait to ask and knows it is faster to just do it himself. i have found him at the very top shelf of his closet ... i have absolutely no idea how in the hell he even climbed up there. i am sure it was ingenious. if i have to go pee, i have to make sure every door is deadbolted shut. he likes to go in the garage, open the garage door and wander about the neighborhood. and usually he is naked because he likes to take his clothes off. the days are long and interesting. but he is happy. and funny. and he loves to snuggle. and he looks up to his big brother. one day i will look back at his craziness and laugh. i try to tell myself that his curiosity, creativity and determination in whatever task he is trying to do is going to be his strongest asset. that is not saying that i do not hope that this little man growing in my belly right now doesn't come out and like to sit still and will play with trains and blocks for hours and never get the bright idea to make himself eggs at 3 a.m. or to fill my tennis shoes with yogurt just to see my reaction. i will cherish those hours of block building too : )