Thursday, May 24, 2012

SAHM - say what?

I have been home with my babies for almost 2 1/2 years. but the term stay at home mom seems kind of inaccurate. are there moms that actually stay at home all day with their babies? i have never been so busy in my life. between dash's 2 preschools and playdates - some days we are gone all day long. soon there will be sports practices and games that will add even more to the every day chaos. we have been so busy lately i haven't even checked blogger since February! Today is Dash's last day of preschool at his private school and I am so sad. He had the best first year at school ever. I am so glad that his experience was so positive. he wakes up on the weekend wanting to go to school. this summer will be hard for him - he will miss all his little girlfriends and teachers! Life has been crazy. Mack is almost 2 and finally out of his crazy phase but still wild as ever, at least now he kind of listens and obeys! I can't believe that Mackey is the exact age that Dash was when he was born! I am thankful not to be pregnant or having a new baby arriving in the near future. I don't know how that worked out before - right now it seems like it would be impossible. There are lots of new babies being born to friends and family so I will get my baby fix from them :)