Sunday, May 23, 2010

contraction action...

ugh - i am only almost 22 weeks and they are happening all the time. I have meds to take when I have more than 5 an hour but it is still scary to think about all the time that still has to pass before we are in a 'safe' zone. I am scard of bedrest and nervous for all the trips to L&D that are likely to come -what am I going to do w/ Dashy? why can't I just have a normal pregnancy - where labor starts when it is supposed to start not at the halfway point. The weekly u/s are nice to be able to get a peak at the little guy and watch him grow - he is getting so much bigger. The u/s tech turned the 3D on last week and he was kind of scary looking - he needs to get some fat on his face before I would call him cute! He is moving a lot more and his kicks are getting stronger. My appetite returned this week and I have been eating like non stop. I hate it and I hope it regulates soon because I really am not a food person and the thought of all I am eating kind of makes me sick. 

Besides the contractions everything is looking good - i cant wait until I am 24 weeks and the baby is at least considered viable but won't really feel confortable until 30 weeks. I know the summer will probably go by fast and this little guy will be here before we know it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Half Way!!

20 weeks!! halfway done - it is so hard to believe that it is halfway over already! In 20 weeks (probably less) this little guy will be here --- i guess we should start getting ready sometime soon but i feel like I will jinx myself if I do anything too early. dash has no idea what is going on so he is going to be in for a big surprise!

Monday, May 3, 2010

1 1/2

Dearest Dashman,

You are one and a half and are a crazy little man. You are our monkey - always finding the most dangerous thing to try to climb up. If we leave you alone for a minute - you end up on top of the kitchen table or in the bathroom sink. You love to run, run, run and you are fast. Your crazy blonde hair is long and I cannot bear the thought to cut it off so we just trim it out of your eyes. You love the water and to go swimming - we put on your life jacket and off you go, jumping in the pool w/o even caring if there is anyone to catch you. You still aren't really talking - your favorite phrase is "all done" and "uh-oh" whenever something is going on that you don't like. We are starting speech therapy next week - but I am sure you will be talking soon enough. You love to sing "The Wheels on the Bus" and all the motions that go along with it!! Headbutting and biting are some of the painful ways you show affection. You are hiliarious and we love you!!