Sunday, May 23, 2010

contraction action...

ugh - i am only almost 22 weeks and they are happening all the time. I have meds to take when I have more than 5 an hour but it is still scary to think about all the time that still has to pass before we are in a 'safe' zone. I am scard of bedrest and nervous for all the trips to L&D that are likely to come -what am I going to do w/ Dashy? why can't I just have a normal pregnancy - where labor starts when it is supposed to start not at the halfway point. The weekly u/s are nice to be able to get a peak at the little guy and watch him grow - he is getting so much bigger. The u/s tech turned the 3D on last week and he was kind of scary looking - he needs to get some fat on his face before I would call him cute! He is moving a lot more and his kicks are getting stronger. My appetite returned this week and I have been eating like non stop. I hate it and I hope it regulates soon because I really am not a food person and the thought of all I am eating kind of makes me sick. 

Besides the contractions everything is looking good - i cant wait until I am 24 weeks and the baby is at least considered viable but won't really feel confortable until 30 weeks. I know the summer will probably go by fast and this little guy will be here before we know it.

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  1. Okay Michelle... how have I been missing your blog & the fact that you're PREGNANT!!!! And having a boy!!! Congratulations all around! Dash is such an adorable little guy, but I'm still confused as to if he is yours. Are you sure, sure??? What a little toe head! Miss you!