Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July - already!

I cannot believe it is already July! This year is going way too fast and I am not sure I am ready for all the chnages that are going to be happening so soon. I am almost 28 weeks pregnant and am on modified bedrest which doesn't mean much w/ a toddler running around. We are both adjusting to our days spent in the living room instead of outside at the park but I am hoping we both survive.

Preterm Labor has offical started - my cervix has shortened and I am starting to dialate so now we are just trying to keep the contractions under control to prevent any more changes to my cervix. Our goal right now is 30 weeks - only 2 weeks, but I am determined to keep this baby in longer bc there is no way I am ready to have a new baby in only 2 weeks..way too soon!! I am hoping to make it to September - 2 months to go!

Dash still has no idea what is going on -- we have been talking about babies a lot and his new baby but I just dont think he will understand it until the baby is really here! I hope the adjustment will be okay - he is really attached to me and I dont know how he will feel about sharing the attention. We still have no name for this little dude - our list keeps on changing so even if he is born in 2 weeks, he probably will not have a name!

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