Monday, July 12, 2010

names names names

why is it impossible for me to name this child? i need help - i feel like i am constantly searching for "the" name, i read credits of movies and tv shows, billboards, new stories, listen to what parents call thier kids at the playground - and still i cannot decide on a name or really even a list of names.

I feel like I am looking for something that just doesn't exist. I want a name that gives off a vibe that I cannot even describe - something cool, yet understated. I don't want it to seem as thought we tried to give him a "cre8tive" name - i just want something different. I want the name to reflect a free spirit but not really a hippie. I want a name that will not limit him but that will allow him to stand out or blend in, whatever he chooses. i think i am just thinking too hard.

 For some reason all the names we kind of like are mostly one syllable names - i dont know why bc they sound kind of funny with our one syllable last name but I am willing to give up flow for that perfect name.
i need ideas --- can anyone help??


  1. Amen & hallelujah. Okay I'm just going to start rambling off here.... What about Rex or Stan or Heath or Harvey or Kale or ... I'll keep thinking.

  2. Okay & a couple more... Vaughn, Kai & my personal favorite (we were going to name a boy this but deterred after we found out a few acquaintances in HI had named their kids it) Ezekial but you call him Zeak. I'm still thinking though...