Monday, September 13, 2010


After 22 days in the NICU at All Children's Hospital - Mackey was released a week ago and has been home w/ us ever since! The adjustment to a newborn in the house hasn't been that bad  - Mackey sleeps almost 22-23 hours a day and it is pretty easy to forget that he is even here. Dash is doing so much better than I ever imagined. He likes to give the baby kisses and gently pets his headd...too cute. He also likes to point out Mackey's body parts --- including jabbing him in the eyeball. He is up to almost 6lbs and is getting bigger every day. He is an excellent eater and is eating every 3-4 hours. We are so glad to have him home with us.

Friday, September 3, 2010

almost 3 weeks -

It has been almost 3 weeks, 19 days to be exact and Mackey is still in the NICU and most likely will be coming home sometime early next week. He has finally mastered eating from a bottle and is gaining weight like the doctors want him to. We thought he would be coming home this weekend but he failed his "carseat challenge" which means he has to stay at least 48 more hours until he can be discharged. Hopefully  he will pass on Sunday or else we will be staying even longer. They also want him to be eating ab lib for at least 48 hours and he jsut started that today. He is weighing in at 5lbs 2oz now and is 19 1/2 inches long.

It is pretty difficult trying to juggle spending time at the hospital and taking care of dash --- brent's mom was here for the first week but now i have been going early in the morning before brent goes to work and every evening. I feel like I am not spending enough time there but I know Dash needs me too at this time - i will be glad when he is home and we can figure out a normal routine.

We just pray that he will be discharged soon ---