Monday, September 13, 2010


After 22 days in the NICU at All Children's Hospital - Mackey was released a week ago and has been home w/ us ever since! The adjustment to a newborn in the house hasn't been that bad  - Mackey sleeps almost 22-23 hours a day and it is pretty easy to forget that he is even here. Dash is doing so much better than I ever imagined. He likes to give the baby kisses and gently pets his headd...too cute. He also likes to point out Mackey's body parts --- including jabbing him in the eyeball. He is up to almost 6lbs and is getting bigger every day. He is an excellent eater and is eating every 3-4 hours. We are so glad to have him home with us.

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  1. Your hair looks so cute Michelle. You are always too hot to be a new mom. How on earth do you guys make such blonde babies!? Post new pictures???