Thursday, December 16, 2010

its been forever...

i havent blogged in months ---- life goes on, it gets busy and things get forgotten. maybe i will start blogging again but maybe not. In the last few months - we have fallen in love w/ a little bald man.

Mack is 4 months old and finally on the growth charts - he is 12lbs 4 oz, in the 3rd percentile and he is 25 inches long, which is 75th percentile. basically he is a tall and skinny green bean that has stolen my heart!!

He sleeps better than any parent can dream - all night, every night and throughout most of the day too!!

Dash is adjusting and has definetly entered his terrible 2's. This week has been a challenge but we are surviving. Even when he is driving me insane - I still just want to hug and kiss him bc he is too cute! Do any parents have any idea what they are doing - bc we definetly do not. Sometimes I just want to smack myself bc i hear myself saying things to dash that I swore I would never say to my kid. (ex "b/c I said so"). I just hope we don't mess these boys up too much!!

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