Friday, December 31, 2010


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This being the last day of 2010 and a brand spanking new year right around the corner - I feel compelled to write a post about the person I want to be in 2011. Kelle inspired me to adopt the mantra - I am capable. I am capable of being the kind of mother that I want my children to have. I am capable of embracing thier childhood and making it special, even magical because I want them to have those memories and experiences. I need not to worry what other mothers are doing or if they are judging me because I let my son run barefoot in the park chasing squirrels or worry that someone might care that my laundry isn't done and there are dirty dishes in the sink because I choose to take the kids to the beach or spend the afternoon playing with chalk in the backyard. I want to be able to admit that I dont care if the playroom floor is barely visible because Dash has gotten every single toy out - it's a playroom and he is a kid. If he wants to hop like a bunny the entire way from Macy's to The Gap - I'm going to let him no matter how long it takes because he is happy which means I am happy. Life is too short and childhood even shorter to dwell on the messes - I am going to just clean them up and go on with our day. There will be no crying over spilled milk or yelling over broken jelly jars. I am incredibly lucky that I get to spend these years with them - I get to help form them into the men they will be one day. I want to suck the marrow out of this year - I want to be a better mother, a better wife and a better person and i know that I am capable of doing it.

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