Monday, January 3, 2011

say goodbye..

to Dash's pacifer...that is what he did a few days ago. He woke up and decided out of the blue that pacifers were only for babies. He had went to bed w/ one like always and in the morning he wanted nothing more to do with it. Its all kinds of crazy bc that boy loved his pacifer and just like that - he gave it up!
 I wish I could wake up w/ a new mindset and stick to it - for example, maybe I should give up eating candy for breakfast. I know it is bad for me, I know I should eat an egg or some cereal but those Pretzel M&M's or that frozen Twix bar always call my name. Or maybe I should wake up and automatically remember that when I put laundry in the washer that I will have to put it in the dryer at some point. In my mind - I know that it is wasteful and time consuming to wash the same load of laundry 3 times but I just cannot remember it.
If a 2 year old can give up one of the only things that comforted him - I can surely work on one of these 2 things. Just not today because it is 4 o'clock and all I have eaten is M&M's, Hot Tamales, and Sour Patch Kids and I am in the process of washing the same load of yesterdays laundry for the 3rd time. 

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