Monday, January 17, 2011

5 months

Mack's 5 month birthday fell on the same day that I found out I was pregnant last year. I found out really early and the test was super light but it was definetly positive. We were leaving for Disney World that evening and I waited to tell Brent until it felt right. I ended up blurting it out somewhere on I-4 between Tampa and Orlando. It feels like that just happened  and now that light line on the pregnancy test is a happy 5 month old!

He is the happiest little man - he loves to smile, coo and laugh. He laughs when Dashy gives him hugs or I sing him silly songs or the dog sits too close to him and puts his furry tail on his head. He laughs with his whole body - cliching his fists, legs to his chest kind of laugh. He HATES his carseat with a passion and screams whenever we get ready to go somewhere. He's not the kind of baby that is happy to just sit in his seat when at the store - I have to be wearing him so he can look around and take everything in. He is not a fan of tummy time and rolls over pretty much immediately after he is put on his belly. He rolls over from his back to his front sometimes too but is usually more content on his back.

He is just a little delayed for a 5 month old but is right on track for the 3 month old he is supposed to be - sometimes it is hard to remember that he isn't going to be doing everything as early as Dash did. By 5 months, Dash was sitting up and starting to crawl all over the place. I am kind of glad Mack is not crawling around, I don't think I am ready for that! And I really do not want another 8 month walker --- that is too soon, I want to enjoy this little baby as a baby not a toddler!

We love the little man and are so glad that he is healthy and happy and thriving!

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