Friday, January 7, 2011

3 track mind ....

I really would like to get into the head of a toddler just to figure out what is really going on in there - lately it seems that dash only thinks of 3 things. Elmo, Barney and Apples. He is somewhat speech delayed so he doesn't say all that much that most people can understand but from what I gather these 4 things are constantly going through his head. We will be doing something totally unrelated to his 4 obsessions and he will start talking about it. On Wednesday, we were at storytime at the library and he was busy singing, dancing and having fun and all of a sudden he stops and starts talking to me about Elmo, I am not sure what kind of point he was trying to make, maybe he wanted Elmo to come to storytime but he talked in his Norweigian language for probably 2 minutes about him before he returned his attention to storytime. Anytime we are driving anywhere - he basically talks about Apples the entire time, I assume this is because he knows McDonalds has apples and he is trying to get me to drive-thru to buy him some apples. But a 30 minute trip to the park is very annoying when the child is constantly saying -- apples, please, apple, apple every time I drive by anything that even remotely resembles a McDonalds.
I usually have to lay in bed w/ dash until he is asleep and last night after I thought he was asleep and was getting ready to leave, he sat up and said  "night barney, night elmo" and then laid back down and went to sleep - it was hilarious. how can someone think about those annoying characters all the time - it would drive me crazy!!

part of me thinks maybe he is watching too much sesame or barney - i try to limit it to just the morning but some days I give in to his pleas and put it on. He does learn a lot for sesame and likes to dance and sing along w/ barney. He isnt a child that will just sit on the couch - he is always doing like 40 things at one time, even when his best friends are on tv - so I hope his tv viewing isn't ruining his mind.

It just amazes me that his little brain is constantly thinking - even though he can't express everything yet.  I hope wants he starts talking more, he expands his interests a little bit b/c i am already very annoyed w/ the sesame gang and the giant purple dinosaur. Who knows maybe when he is speaking his own Norweigian dialect he is actually having a very civilized one-sided conversation w/ me and he thinks I am an idiot for not responding.

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