Saturday, January 29, 2011

high energy...

a couple of weeks ago I went to IKEA for an afternoon, basically just to get out of the house and I usually spend less money there than at the mall or Target, and of course I had Dash and Mackey with me. I let Dash walk  really run in the store because I wasn't in the mood to fight him to sit in the cart or stroller and he does enjoy running around large places with lots of people. I had Mackey in his sling so I had both arms free to try to contain Dash. That didn't prevent me from chasing after him for most of the time yelling his name. I kid you not - at least 7 people said to me as I yelled at Dash and tried to make sure he wasn't going too far, "wow, you really named that kid right".  ha. had i known i probably would have named his Slomo or Pokey because the kid is fast and NEVER stops. Every playgroup I join or mama friend I have describes Dashy as a "sweet kid, he is just high energy". Seriously, they will say it as they give me that look that says "I'm glad its you and not me" and buckle thier 4 year old in a stroller to walk away.

he is a good kid. he does have a lot of energy. he doesn't nap and he is only 2. he is very sweet and i have never seem him do anything to purposefully harm someone else. he is daring. he has no fear. he climbs to the highest parts of the playground equipment while his older friends just watch in awe. he likes to get dirty. i just don't like the label of "high energy" - he is a 2 year old, aren't they supposed to be crazy and full of life? I don't want that label to turn into "hyperactive" because there is such a negative connotation that goes along with that. i like his energy. he keeps me on my toes. i don't mind that it takes an extra hour to get through Target because he insists on walking and investigating everything, if i did, i would just wait until I could go by myself. I know one day his listening skills will be better and I wont have to call his name one million times - but I don't want to break his spirit when he is having fun and relatively obeying me, even if he is spinning in circles one hundred times around the aisle at Publix. he is just a kid. he is having fun. no need to label him.

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  1. That is so very true. People can say what they want... and believe me they are going to. But you love Dash for everything that he is and everything that he is going to be. They will grow out of it, and then you will wish for them to be young again. So just eat it up, soak it in. He is great. He is a kid. With energy and life.