Sunday, January 9, 2011

potty training day 2

so day 2 is done and im not quite as optimistic that we are going to be done in 3 days - but so much progress has been made. We didnt really have any "real" accidents today - I think he would start peeing a little and stop himself while we ran to the potty so we still went through quite a few pairs of underwear, maybe 15 today, yesterday we probably went through 20 or more and he never did go #2 in the potty. He does tells us he has to go and is definetly holding it between bathroom trips - i think he holds it way longer than he should just becuase he doesn't want to go. Last night, he wet the bed once around midnight, we changed the sheets and he woke up dry and then did his business in the toliet!

i'm going to keep following the program - which means no diapers or pullups, ever. I guess we will be saving a lot of money but I am going to be nervous about taking him anywhere for awhile. Dash is already getting cabin fever - he cries to go in the car all the time so hopefully he catches on soon so we can venture out in the world.

wish us luck tomorrow --- b/c brent has to work and I will be attempting to follow dashy around the entire day and keep a 5 month old happy and fed.

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