Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have been in a horrible negative mood for the past however long and so critical of everything but I need to get it out there that I know that I am lucky - there are so many positives in my life that not everyone gets to experience or have to live without. My husband is a "nice guy", i guess that is how someone might describe him. He never yells or screams or exhibits any signs of annoyance at my innate inability to pick up my clothes or finish an entire load of laundry. He works all day and comes home and does the laundry, empties the dishwasher, takes care of our crazy crazy dogs and all with a smile on his face. The other day he came home from work and Dash was alredy in bed - and he started walking into his room so i asked him what he was going to do, "I think I am going to wake him up, I just want to see him"....that statement made me love him a little bit more but there was NO way i was letting him wake up the very cranky baby. I know he would do anything for me and our son and probably the dogs too. I have a healthy adorable funny 14 month old baby - an unexpected blessing that has forever changed our lives for the better. We have a nice house in a nice neighborhood (even though at times the house is the bain of my existence). I can go to Target and buy whatever I want w/o having to make sure there is money in the checking account. There are so many other reasons that i am lucky except one very important reason is waking up from his nap right now and we have a date to meet Santa at the mall this afternoon!

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  1. It's wonderful when we take a minute to remember all the things that we feel grateful for. It's hard in this TTC/IF process to remember those things sometimes. Thanks for the reminder that we always have them!

    Your DH sounds wonderful...totally made me smile! :-)