Wednesday, January 25, 2012

day by day

It is hard some days. Staying home. Trying to enjoy every single second of the very very long days. Not getting angry when the littlest one unscrews every single sippy cup sitting around the house and dumping the contents on the floor. Shouldn't I be amazed at his dexterity and problem solving? Maybe I should be consulting child mountain climbing coaches instead of pulling my hair out and restraining myself every single time my 17 month old climbs up the kitchen cabinets and makes himself a nice bath in the kitchen sink. And maybe I should be glad that he figured out how to get out of his crib and already has made the move to a big boy bed - I wouldn't want to have any struggles switching him later down the road, now he won't even know the difference. But honestly - i wish he wouldn't climb or investigate everything or try to figure out the most messy and annoying thing he can be doing at any given time. I guess I could be one of those mamas that go on about their kids not being allowed television and how it is developing his creativity and independence but honestly I wish he would sit down and watch freakin' Elmo. That would at least give me 60 minutes to clean up the havoc he has already caused in my perfectly clean house in the 45 minutes he has been awake. I guess it is okay to live with tupperware and old mail scattered about the house and scratched Disney DVD's really do make lovely decorations around the floor - at certain times in the day they make rainbows and everyone loves rainbows. (how's that for making lemonade out of a truck load of lemons)But honestly - this age is hard. He's really too little to discipline and bribery doesn't work quite yet. It is easier to not be home these days - home is where the mess is, where the chaos reigns, where my little Mack picks up everything his 3 year old brother does and tries to imitate but always manages to up the danger level one notch. It is easier being at the playground or the mall or Target. He happily stays in his stroller as long as he has a continuous supply of lollipops. Most days my kids are in bed before my husband gets home - so its a long long day. There are days when everyone is happy, the kids are playing together and noone attempts any Jackass-esque stunts that are awesome and make me know we are doing something right but there are other days I have to ask myself if i know what the eff I am doing and if it is too early to have a drink yet. I know one day I will look back at all his shenanigans and laugh but when you are in the midst of it - it is hard to see the humor. I will probably be one of those moms when I am older and tells new moms with little boys in the line at Target to enjoy it because it goes fast - but you can't enjoy it all because a lot of does suck and you just have to go day by day or even some days hour by hour but I still wouldn't change it for anything!