Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I posted a week ago about macks first steps and everyday he is getting better and taking more steps and a lot of those on his own with prompt from me but some how almost overnight a new chaos has taken over this house. when he is not slowly, caustiously walking - he is crawling at the speed of light or climbing like he is Sir Edmund Hillary (jeopardy fact for you - he was the first to climb mt. everest). seriously - the kid is going to be trouble. Nothing is safe from the Mackster - he will climb couches, coffee tables, pack-n-plays and a whole long list of dangerous things to get what he is after. i thought dash was "high energy" but this little skinny 10 month old is giving him a run for his money. I am kind of getting nervous that he is going to be climbing out of his crib soon - he is pretty close and he gets the most determined look on his face when he is trying. basically it is chaotic in this house - i am constantly chasing after him while he is chasing after dash and trying to imitate things he sees his big brother doing. im tired - part of me will be so glad when this phase is over but the other part of me loves his adventurous, no fear spirit and will miss it a little when he will lay on the couch and watch a movie without doign something that could break his neck. i haev a feeling i will have a while until i have to worry about  that.


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