Wednesday, November 9, 2011

hands off

Dash has blonde hair.

And he is cute. 

But does that really mean that people are allowed to touch him ALL.THE.TIME. He is not a statute. He is three and doesn't want your grubby hands in his head.

I know you are old but seriously if you were sitting quietly and happily in the back of a Target cart eating popcorn and drinking a blue ICEE would you really want some creepy person to run their hand through your hair? No. You would scream too.

Do you really think it is appropriate to kiss a stranger because they happen to remind you of your son Jim-Bob when he was a little boy? Absolutely not. I will gladly listen to you reminisce about how he looked just like him and then his hair turned brown when he was 12 but just don't touch him. It is rude and probably going to give him a complex.

I cannot even remember the last time we went anywhere that someone didn't comment on his hair. I get it, it is blonde but there are millions of blonde hair people. Why is there such a fascination with blonde hair little boys? Do blonde hair girls get the same attention? 

It just amazes me that people will touch a stranger in such an affectionate way. It is usually old people but sometimes not so old people do it too. It happens on almost a daily basis. I try to nicely say that he doesn't like strangers but sometimes they come in for a surprise attack. If Dash gets sick next week I am pretty sure the small old man with the long ear hair standing in line at the Publix pharmacy, who had to kiss him on his face, gave it to him.

seriously, like we all learned in preschool, keep your hands to yourself!


  1. He's a cutie!

    But really- I agree- hands off!

  2. Why do people think it's ok to touch someone else's kid? It's not!

    My daughter has blond hair. It's not as light as your son's, but pretty close. People are always commenting on it. Drives me nuts!

  3. I hate when people touch my guy without asking! Although our old landlord stopped by and impressed me by actually asking if he could pick him up!

  4. Ugh! Hand off people! I agree. He IS cute, though! :)

  5. one time i was at the health dept and this total stranger saw my cute baby boy and said " oh, he is so cute. let me hold him." I moved away and said "no." then i thought "the nerve! i don't know you. how am i going to hand my precious baby boy over??"

  6. PS you need to add a subscriber email thingy to your blog.