Friday, August 26, 2011

you're one ... a happy birthday post!

my little mackman,

you started out so small and for so long we were so worried about you. we had to record every singled mL you ate and at first it was so little that we had to measure it is cc's. But that was then and obviously you are making up for those first few months when you wanted nothing to do with food because you can eat. a lot.  I don't know of a baby that eats more than you and you are still so so skinny. You weigh 20lbs which is the 20th percentile and are 31 inches long which is the 80th percentile. You would be happy if I let you eat black beans for every single meal, and I probably would if only they weren't so messy!

You have been walking for a couple of months now and have kind of progressed to running. You are fast already. You have walked right out of the baby stage and into the toddler. You are a dare devil and are injury prone. I have never cleaned up so much blood in my life - every single day you cut something open. and sometimes I just happens when you are standing doing nothing ... i think you are just trying to make me have grey hair or something. You are so so happy - some days you don't cry at all, even if you have decided you are too big for a nap. You go about wandering around the house like you are on a mission, a mission to wander!

You have started dancing to music and it is pretty funny! You love the Hot Dog song from Mickey Mouse ... you get the biggest smile on your face and then start grooving! I don't think you really have a favorite toy ... you like to pick little things up and carry them around the house. You and your brother have started to play more together ... he still gets mad at you when you steal his toy but you don't ever seem to mind when he grabs it back from you.

Pretty soon you will be a full fledged toddler - telling me "no" and loving Elmo but I am going to try to enjoy these last few months of babyhood! I am going to enjoy the bedtime snuggles and your crazy kisses. I'm going to keep feeding you all the variety of foods you like because I am pretty sure once you turn 2 1/2 all you will want to eat will be chicken nuggets even though you have never eaten them in your's just going to happen! I'm going to cherish our slowest walks around the block ... a 1 year old and a 3 year old can make a 1/3 mile walk take over an hour but it does let me slow down and see all the beauty that does exist on our street. Dash is teaching you to take the time to smell the weeds and to eat mulch (just ignore that lesson)!

A year ago - it was so hard for me to picture you as a toddler. You were so miniature and fragile and now you are so rough and tumble and crazy! I am so excited to see you grow up and become your own little man!

Love- mama. 

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