Wednesday, October 19, 2011


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I had to have a conference with Dash's teachers yesterday. They called me concerned about some of his "developmental" issues and want to sit down to discuss my little man. They said they were concerned about his attention, his hyperfocus on certain things, a couple sensory things that I had never even considered, his energy level in general and his speech and fine motor skill delay. A little overwhelming for me. I just want my little man to be normal and not to struggle. But they also said with all the issues that are going on with him - he is a very very happy child, he doesn't actually present any behavior problems in the classroom. when it is quiet he sits in circle time without being asked and she said that he is one of the only ones that walks in line every single time. He shares the toys without a fight and once you get his attention he does whatever it is that you want him to do with a big smile on his face. They said that his laid back and easygoing attitude are probably what is allowing him to not struggle in the classroom. and he is cute - which makes it easier to forgive his craziness sometimes!

I made an appointment with his doctor to discuss these concerns and see what steps she recommends that we make to help him. We are still waiting for a spot for speech therapy but his speech is getting better every single day so I think that it is more of a waiting kind of situation. I also called the school system to see if we can get an evaluation to see if he qualifies for therapy through them now that he is 3. The 3 times we had him evaluated through Early Steps he never qualified so I don't know if he will but think that observations from his teachers would be helpful.

When I look at Dash - I see this adorable blonde hair little boy who is always laughing and smiling, who loves Mickey Mouse and jumping off high things, a kid who plays hard all day long and then crashes even harder when it is time to go to bed. I don't think of his "issues" as things that make him different but just as what makes him him.


  1. It's great that he has such an attentive and loving momma, so whatever his issues you'll be able to get through them together.

  2. Oh, is he adorable!

    I hope that the doctor has something helpful to offer.

  3. It's a Momma's job to love. No matter the issues. Those will be sorted over time.

  4. We are having the same concerns with our 8 year old. It's nice to have a support system with the school, but scary to hear they're might be something going on.