Friday, October 21, 2011

just like Omar Gooding

i know you are thinking that that name sounds familiar. If you are a child of the 80's (or maybe 90's?) you are trying to put a face on that name. He was a Nickelodeon staple. And what child didn't live for Nickelodeon when they were little ... slime, hey dude, all that and wild and crazy kids. Omar was the host of the latter. so in theory I am just like Omar. because man, these kids are wild and crazy. As I am typing this Mack is chasing Dash around the house and hitting him with a toy golf club and they both think it is the most hilarious game ever. Dash alternates walking with rolling on the ground in the strangest way that I cannot even describe. He does this when we are out also ... it is pretty embarrassing when you are trying to buy everything on super clearance at BabyGap and your 3 year old is rolling around the filthy mall floor singing some song you cannot understand but at least he wasn't screaming i guess.  Mack has discovered how to move around his little green Ikea chair from his bedroom and place it in front of the kitchen counter or maybe the bathroom sink or even once he put it in front of his high chair and then proceeds to climb into/onto whatever surface he desires. nothing is off limits. Dash has always been wild and crazy but now Mack is joining in on the fun. My house is a perpetual disaster that I am pretty sure is going to stay like that for at least the next 10 years. so i feel like i am Omar - the referee who occasionally got to join in on the fun. like last night we made forts all over the house and crawled through tunnels to each location or when I draw the worlds longest hopscotch in the backyard and show the boys just how it is done. but i doubt Omar had to clean up the mess - he probably had people for that. i need those people.

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