Monday, January 11, 2010

the move

it is time...time to move again. I approach this with excitement and hesitation. This is my home although at times I curse this house, it is my home. We have painted all these walls, they are very "personal" and "intense" according to the home stager that came last week. We laid down the floors, okay, only very few of the floors we installed remain but we did put some down. We turned the backyard from a dirt field into a beautiful paved Florida paradise. We made a baby and brought that baby home here. There are so many emotions tied to this ugly blue house that it makes me sad to leave. But we need more room -- and to be closer to Brent's job. We want something new and pretty, something we can move it and call home without putting in a lot of work. We are leaving St. Petersburg and moving north to the Tampa Suburbs. I love St. Pete and wish we could stay but the houses we can buy in Tampa are so much newer, larger, nicer than anything we could afford here. So with some hesititation we are putting our house for sale --- I hope a family will be as happy here as we have been, I hope they will learn to love the forever backing up shower and the mean backyard neighbor.

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