Monday, February 27, 2012

the move.

finally. we have decided to move. move away from this house where we brought our babies home to, where we tried our best to make this little space our own but we are on to bigger and better things. Because of our awesome economy and the wonderful housing market in Florida we are not in a place where we can sell and actual make any money so we are going to rent it to hopefully a family that will love it as much as we used to. After doing some research and talking to a rental real estate agent we are able to rent it for quite a bit more than our mortgage so it just makes sense to hold on to it and hope that eventually the market goes up and we can sell it without losing everything! We looked at some houses this weekend and are going to go look at more tomorrow afternoon. We want a 2 story house (which in Florida isn't the easiest thing to find), we want a pool and we want a suburban neighborhood with excellent schools. Where we live now the public schools are horrible and if we were to stay would have to be paying for private school. The areas where we are looking at are almost the complete opposite of St. Pete. I will miss this area - i love the beaches and love love downtown. but i won't miss all the crazies walking around the streets and running out in front of my car, i won't miss the longest stop lights in the universe, i won't miss our stupid shower with the most unreliable shower pressure or the creepy pool guy who makes awkward conversation with me every Wednesday morning. It is crazy to think that this is actual going to be happening - we had kind of decided that we were stuck here. I am kind of nervous but way more excited about this new chapter!

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