Wednesday, April 13, 2011



why doesn't my child ever want to sleep? what have we done wrong that bedtime is such a production and fight? I dread it every single night. My husband and I fight about who is going to try to put him to bed first. It usually takes at least an hour, if not longer. He is 2 1/2 and he decided 6 months ago that naps just aren't his style. At first I was okay with it because it does mean he goes to bed earlier but it doesn't make it any easier. On a day with no nap, we start bedtime around 7:30 - if we are lucky by 9 he is asleep in his own bed. If we aren't, he goes to bed with us around 10. If he naps, you can forget about a normal bedtime, the child will stay up until at least 11.

I have read countless books on baby and toddler sleep and have tired a lot of thier ideas - but they just aren't working for us. I cannot lock him in his room alone and awake because he climbs things, even more so when he is upset and surely would climb onto his dresser and knock the giant mirror off the wall and onto his head. I have tried sitting next to his bed and staying silent until he falls asleep - sounds like a good plan except he never fell asleep. He just keeps talking. I have tired earlier bedtimes, later bedtimes, different soothing sounds, cd's, even this stupid aromatherapy thing that someone told me about.

The kid is active, very active, during the day and he should be exhausted, i know i am. what can I do to reduce teh number of tears, fights, and just the drama that surrounds bedtime. I just wish I could put him in bed, read him a story, kiss him goodnight and walk out of the room. why does that seem so impossible?

The doctor suggested I try melotonin for kids and I picked some up at Whole Foods yesterday and tried it last night. Brent took him to bed at 7 and he was alseep by 7:05pm. I was happy that it worked but now I feel like I drugged him and he should learn to fall asleep with some sleep aid even if it is herbal and doctor recommended. We just cannot continue this mess of a bedtime and need to find a solution that works for everyone.

Any suggestions?


  1. Aww bedtimes are so hard sometimes, especially when they are little like that. Try not to beat yourself up over using the melotonin. If you're worried about it, just use it on the really, really rough nights and not every night. Good luck!

    popping through via PYHO!

  2. Wow, if that worked, that's awesome!

    Can you remove things from his room? My almost 3 y/o is currently gated into his room(one on top of another so that he can't climb out) We put them up and that's it. He falls asleep and I don't have to keep going in there or returning him to his room.