Wednesday, May 18, 2011

losing control ...

my house is a disaster. my laundry pile is out control. i cannot even do the giant ass pile of laundry because all the laundry baskets are filled with clean clothes that have been needed to be put away for a couple of weeks. the kids have been sick. ear infections and stomach flu. dash feels the need to dump buckets of toys out the moment he wakes up.

Our days have been filled with doctor appointments, co-pays, drug store runs, occasional trips to the park and Toy Story 3 practically on repeat. I have projects that need completed but a baby that only wants to be held. so i have lost control and just trying not to drown in the clutter.

On our way to pick up a prescription the other night we went a little out of our way and stopped at the beach. it was needed. puts things in perspective. what matters is so much bigger than the confines of our concrete block house and it's belongings.

the laundry will be done eventually. one day there will be no more little handprints on the mirror and the sliding glass doors. one day the constant "mama" on repeat will be replaced by "shut up, mom". this week i am just letting go of my self set expectations and going to try to focus on getting these boys healthy and keeping them healthy.

Sometimes at the end of a long, hard, stressful day - you just need to put your feet in the sand, smell the saltwater air and watch the sun say goodnight.

           beacause there is always tomorrow. and most things can wait.


  1. I totally agree. Most things can wait. Love cannot.

    Stopping by from PYHO.

  2. We are totally on the same wavelength today!

  3. Oh have I been there! Sometimes you need to change the rules a bit so you can feel like you're succeeding.

  4. So true! I try telling this to myself everyday. Landon constantly wants my attention when I'm doing something. I have to always remind myself that the dishes, laundry, immaculate house isn't important. What is important is the look on Landon's face when I throw down the dish towel and sit on the floor playing with him. The beach is always my go to place when I'm stressed too.