Tuesday, May 10, 2011

where'd my little baby go??

Mackey will be 9 months in a couple of days and in the last few weeks he has decided to grow up. It's hard to believe that this rough and tumble little man spent the first month of his life hooked to machines in a little isolette.

I left Brent at home w/ Mack for 1 hour and came home to my little man sporting a black eye ... not really dad's fault, Max is a daredevil like his brother and attempts to cruise between furniture on his not quite steady legs. so he falls, a lot.

The little man is crawling like a pro but has decided that walking is more his style ....

and did i mention that he is GIANT. We went to the doctor last week for an ear infection and the kid weighs almost 19lbs. At 6 months he was not even 15lbs - so in less than 3 months he has gained 4 lbs. He is bigger than Dash was at his age. Everyone said he would catch up but I really didn't expect him to overnight, literally. He went to bed in a 9 month sleeper that i am pretty sure fit when I put him in it and when he woke up in the morning the arms were WAY too short and his little legs were stuck bended trying to fit in the too small material. Is that even really possible that he grew so much overnight??

His sleep is HORRIBLE right now. I think it is because he wants to be up and moving 24/7 and sleep just isn't his friend right now. We are all tired.

I cannot believe that in 3 months, he is going to be turning 1 and probably running around. I already miss the days of him laying on the floor and not being able to get anywhere. nothing is off limits these days.

                                    "hmm - i think i will dive right into the big pool" - crazy kid. 
I do think that this age is SO much fun, while it is a lot more work, his laughs and smiles make it worth it! I wish I could freeze time for just a little bit and really enjoy this stage before he starts running around and making the transistion from baby to toddler. not ready for 2 toddlers - i can barely handle the one I already have!

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