Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wild Child

Dash is 2 1/2 and he is wild and crazy and probably not totally normal and I love that about him. He does not have an off switch and he is always on hyper mode which some days makes me want to lose my mind but at the same time makes me smile. I don't think other people find his antics so endearing. The other day I was talking to a friend about babies and expanding families and she blurted out before I even responded that if she had a kid like Dash she would not have any more babies, ever! excuse me.

Basically she was saying that if next kid turns out like Dash, that she is closing up her uterus forever even if that means giving up her dream of a little girl. I tried not to take offense and tried to remember that this conversation was happening while Dashy was continuously jumping from the top of the playground and screaming the handy manny song accented by a little jibberish at the top of his lungs. I think she is missing a lot of things about my little man. He marches to his own drum and I think he sees the world in a different color, he eats lemons and broccoli for breakfast and loves to start his hugs from across the room and run full speed at you with his arms out ready to embrace. He kisses on the lips and jumps in the pool sans floaties and swims to the ledge. He plays hide and seek with his toys and his favorite color is pink. He likes to be the little spoon when he sleeps and is becoming an expert simon says player. He bites his finger nails to the quick and only likes to wear stickers on his left check. He has the most hilarious fake laugh, where he throws his head all the way back and laughs this deep laugh.

Sure, he does make us tired and some days I wish he would just slow down for a minute and watch Cars like a normal toddler but there is too much I would miss if he changed. so to answer her question, of course we want more and I wish they would all be like Dashy, except maybe a little girl version : )


  1. I love the hugs that start from across the room! My little guy does that too.

  2. He is so stinking cute! And she should be GLAD if she had a child with that much energy!

  3. The blessings of an energetic toddler are uncountable, it's a shame your friend can't see the beauty of it.
    Enjoy that beautiful little boy and always encourage his creativity because sadly the world tries to snub it out and put him into the standard form..

  4. LOVED this post!! I've heard it said that kids that play hard and fight hard love harder.

    oh the memories you have and the stories you can tell. You are so blessed!