Friday, February 18, 2011

Early Intervention Evaluation take #2

I have talked about Dash's speech delays in the past - and it was starting to worry me that he talks in what seems like a different language so I called and scheduled an Early Intervention evaluation. We had one six months ago but he didn't qualify after his 2nd interview with the therapists. The lady came to our house and Dashy was in a horrible mood that morning. I swear he probably threw himself on the floor at least 6 times in the 45 minutes she was here. He wanted nothing to do with her "bag of tricks" - he took her pink crayon and threw it at the wall, he looked at her 3 measely blocks that she wanted him to stack and kicked them and walked out of the room, he decided that for the first time in 4 months that he just had to play with matchbox cars that have been collecting dust in the corner of his room. It was like he knew what this lady was here to do and he wanted no part of it. She heard him talking to his imaginary friend in his room, in his little languge, she heard him answer simple questions and watched him follow directions, she observed him scaling the kitchen cabinets to get to his tooth brush and proceeding to have a meltdown until I put toothpaste on it and let him brush his teeth.

He didn't qualify for the Early Steps services, she said if it would make me feel better I could schedule the second interview with the 3 therapists but she knew he wouldn't qualify. She said that their program looks more at receptive language and he obviously is understanding everything. She said that he does talk, it is just that we can't understand most of what he is saying,  he is not mute or flat, he showed an appropriate range of emotions. Basically she said everything that I already knew - he it too normal for their services but she thought he might benefit from some individual speech therapy, just not through them.

I am frustrated that he didn't qualify for thier program - I will call and schedule an independent evaluation through the children's hospital (which my insurance will not cover) and I guess I should be greatful that he is normal, at least in the eyes of the State of Florida.

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