Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines ...

i am not a very sappy, lovey person. valentines day too me is kind of a silly hallmark holiday so I don't usually participate in the card buying and gift giving. and i look HORRIBLE in red. but I am so lucky to have such an amazing man in my life. He loves me for the me that I have always been - he knows about all my negatives and embraces them. Our house will never be perfectly clean, our bed most likely will be unmade and the laundry will always be in some sort of dissary. I don't really like to cook and when I do it isn't particulary the best thing ever. There most likely will always be a new bag of clothes or Target items sitting next to the front door from my daily excursion. And my jeans never quite seem to make it into the hamper. But he knew all of this before he married me - so I guess he has learned to love it! He loves our kids and when he gets home from work he plays with them and enjoys it. He gives them baths, changes their diapers, gets up in the middle of the night (if he hears them) and actually wants to have another one! Too him it isn't too much work, it is just life. If I say I need a vacation, he tells me to go on one. If I need him to stay home from work to watch the kids so I can go to Harry Potter at Univerisal sans kiddos - he does it. I have a friend that teases me because when I first started dating him, I described him as "the nicest guy in the universe" and honestly that is 100% true. He will do anything for anyone - even a perfect stranger which can be annoying sometime but it is better than the opposite. I know I am so lucky to have such an honest, loving, funny man to spend my life with and I cannot imagine sharing my life with anyone else!

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