Friday, March 4, 2011


this week Dash has finally started to pay a little bit attention to the baby (he seriously sounds like that woman from Seinfeld who screeches "you gotta see the bay-beeee"whenever he says it). however much I am glad he is showing some love to his future playmate - he has chosen a somewhat dangerous way to show it. he has been finding the smallest things and giving them to him because to him I guess small equates to baby. Today I found him giving the baby the smallest toy fish you can imagine - I don't even know where it came from, it was about 1centimeter long and maybe a milimeter wide, seriously minature. Yesterday, he came up to me with a Micro-Machine, remember those cars that were sold by the world's fastest talker that looked like Mario. I'm pretty sure they haven't even been made in the last decade and I have no idea why one would in our house. Dash thought it was the perfect present for the "bay-beeee" - and he throw the biggest fit when I took it away from him. I am starting to think that the machine from Honey I Shrunk the Kids is hiding in his bedroom because he is currently playing with the world's smallest dinosaur and I am pretty sure that he is going to try to shove in Mack's mouth in the next 10 minutes. I guess it is time to search the house for all the mini toys he is finding - I really don't want to be calling 911 because my 6 month old is choking on a Polly Pocket that his brother thought would be the perfect gift for the bay-beeee.


Dashy was so much bigger than Mackey is at 6 months

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