Tuesday, March 22, 2011

an open letter

dear parents of wild unsupervised children,

i know you know your kids are crazy and wild and think it is great that you bring them to the McDonalds Play Area to burn some of it off. BUT please supervise them or at least stay in the freakin playground to make sure they are not scaling the outside of the playarea which in turn causes my 2 1/2 year old to attempt to do so. If you were in the same area as your three rambunctious children you would have seen them tormenting a small child and not stopping until said child's mother had to climb up 3 sets of tubes to rescue the sobbing 3 year old. You would have seen your 5 year old dump his orange Hi-C on top of his 7 year old brother. You would have seen the looks given by your 10 year old when 2 other parents tried to let him know that it is not okay to take everyone shoes and place them at the top of a 3 story slide. If you had chosen to watch your kids instead of sit inside and clip coupons  - you would have told the oldest one that it is not okay to eat someone elses french fries. i mean mickey d's fries are like gold and i don't really want to share. After being around your kids for 30 minutes, I can totally understand why you wanted a break but as a parent of a very impressionable 2 year old, i would rather him not learn how to karate kick while jumping off the kiddy playground or how if you suck in really hard you are able to sneak into the fenced off area. so next time - just watch them or at least sit inside the playarea and pretend to watch them. um - thanks.

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