Wednesday, March 2, 2011


i admit it. i have an addiction. it is starting to become a problem.

i love target. I cannot help but direct my SUV into the lot at least 4 times a week. I find myself wandering the aisle aimlessly with a toddler in the back of the cart eating popcorn and the baby hanging out in the Ergo. I go when I am happy. I go when I am bored. I go when I am stressed. I go when I need something. I go when I cannot even think of anything I need to buy. and I never leave empty handed.

today I went just because my friend said she was going. I had already been yesterday. I did not need to buy anything. nothing at all. but overnight the target clearance fairies must of arrived with thier little gun that shoots red stickers onto items that I never knew I needed. I filled my cart with a bunch of useless stuff that I had to get just because it was super cheap, okay not all of it is useless - but some of it is.

- i bought 8, yes 8, playtex 9 oz toy story sippy cups b/c for some reason they were priced $1.96 for 2, not even on clearance, i'm pretty sure someone messed that up in the computer or something. so i bought them all. i don't even think i have room for 8 more sippy cups. but they were SO cheap, i couldn't resist.  

-I bought 2 crayola colorwonder sound studios, somethying i never knew we needed but for $5.74, i just couldnt resist. i mean what kid doesnt want to hear what the are coloring come to life, right. and having 2 of something is better than 1, i suppose. maybe the extra will be a gift, maybe.

-I bought a Mickey's Mouse Playhouse playset that we really didn't need and I am sure will sit in the corner to collect dust but Dashy liked it in the store and it's little red tag said it was only $3.67. the box was a little torn up and it was the only one - probably an online return since i havent seen it in the store. seriously I have a problem and our house already has way too many toys.

-i also bought some nail polish in a somewhat coral color that I probably will never use and will find in a bin in the bathroom in 5 years with all the oil congealed on the top and I will throw it away with dozen of other makeup items that have those red tags on them and are never used once they enter my house.

-i did buy some bread and goldfish crackers - we needed those. at least the goldfish, the bread will probably be thrown away in 2 weeks after only 2 slices were eaten but at least it is somewhat of a staple.

that was today's trip - don't even asked my what i bought yesterday.


  1. I can't resist Target clearance- those sippy cups were an awesome deal!

  2. I love Target AND Toy Story!

  3. I love Target. I know I can't go in there or I will leave with A LOT of stuff I just couldn't imagine living without. I think that they pipe in a shopping pheromone or something because there is no other rational reason I would spend $100 each time I walk through the door.

  4. Congrats on the bargains! My little ones would be soooo happy with those sippy cups!