Wednesday, March 23, 2011

is it over

i had something else to write about but this week is just draining me and I need to vent.

My husband runs a golf resort and the spring is their busy season which means he is ever home  and even when he is home he is on his phone dealing with some "crisis". (however he isn't so busy that he didn't have time to play golf every day this week). I am glad he has a good job that he enjoys and that supports us but I am just overwhelmed with total children responsibility 7 days a week.

Speaking of children, my 2 year old is out of control this week. It is 2 pm and we have been through at least 30 time outs. He starts sobbing for no reason what so ever. He is constantly attempting to rip all my clothes off the hangers or trying to eat the dog food. He managed to lodge a piece of dog food up his nose yesterday. It is like he has no self control --- ahh. i can't believe i just wrote that - he is 2, how much self control should i expect him to have. There are times I ask myself if there is something wrong with him because he can never sit still, if he is watching TV he is jumping up and down, spinning in circles, doing somersaults, standing on his head. This week he is also refusing to eat - which is just adding to my stress. I keep telling myself that he will eat when he is hungry but all he wants to eat are goldfish crackers. so i let him - at least they are whole grain. he is making me tired and grouchy - he needs to take a nap so I can have a break. except he refuses to nap so there is no break.

Mackey has been sick all week - he apparently has bad pollen allergies so his eyes are swollen shut and his nose is dripping snot constantly. He isn't sleeping well probably because he is itchy and full of snot. i feel bad for the little man. I wish i could just hold him all day except i am too busy trying to prevent dash from killing himself. I am just overwhelmed which isn't like me.

I think I need a vacation. and a giant margarita.

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  1. Yes, girl, you really do need both! It's hard when you don't really get a break from the kids- it makes everything seem so much worse!