Thursday, March 10, 2011

the name game.

can i get a redo? is it horrible that I am even asking that.

 this is what was on the white board in our L&D room when Mackey was born ...

Mackey is on the top - but it is probably the name the we discussed the least. This was our reduced list - when we first got into the labor room, we had over 20 names on the board. twenty.
 and we were having a baby that very day.
what was wrong with us. why could we not decide.
 I wanted to name him Kellen, but Brent wasn't sold. We had agreed on Tate but hated that there were no nicknames except Tater and then a friend named her dog that - so it moved down my list.
Cruz was in the final 3 after he was born - but i decided a blonde Cruz just didn't seem right.
 Plus Cruz = cross in Spanish and our last name is rather religious.
Beckett sounded too much like Bucket. Max was too common. I love Brigg but Brent not so much.
Lincoln and Dexter were cute in that nerdy kind of way.
Rio was a little out there for Brent to go for but I could have convinced him if I wanted.
Breaker was a name we called Mack for almost 2 months - but we decided it was too far off the mainstream but kept it on our list in case the baby was born w/ a broken clavicle (seriously. notice the asterix next to it)
somehow Mackey became Mackey by reason of deduction I guess.
I wish I could go back. I wish I could have a redo but even to this day I don't know what I would name him. I wish the mean birth certificate lady didn't rush me to name my baby I had held for all of 3 minutes and was in an entire other hospital so I couldn't even look at him while I decided. I wish I didn't have the worst migraine ever and just chose a name quickly so the lady would leave the room and turn the lights out. I wish I
wasn't so indecisive so my beautifyl baby would have a name that I really loved.

some days he is starting to seem like his name - and after almost 7 months I think it is too late to change it.
I call him "Macks" most of the time - so maybe I should have just named him Max.

I am still mad at my friend for stealing my "name" and naming her stupid dog Tate.

next time, if there is a next time, i am naming my child before she is born.


  1. He's the only Mackey I know of and I love his name!

  2. I think Cruz Pope would have been cute.
    And I LOVE Beckett. Rob would never have it because he said it is something that holds baseball cards and he would never be able to call his son something like that?? Whatever.
    Anyhow, I honestly think you picked a name that suits him. When I see his pics I see a Mack. He is adorable and smooshy :)
    So relax. He is what he is. A beautiful happy Mackey!

  3. Awww Michelle you are so funny. Amen to the name pressure. I hate that you just have to choose a name right then & there & you just go with what sounds best at the moment. And I always go through a phase where I am not sure afterwards, but I think you did good with Mackey. I have 2 friends with a little boy name Cruz & another with a Beckett, lots of Maxs & Carsons & a couple Lincolns but no Mackeys until now!! I do love Tate (we considered it for Taj along with Tad), but maybe you'll have ANOTHER boy someday for that one. Tate should not be a dog name. It's something people that don't have kids name their dog in leu of children.